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mDeviceLand (Perform Mobile Apps and Selenium Testing On Real Devices)

mDeviceLand enables automatic mobile application testing on thousands of mobile ... Automate your app testing on real devices in the cloud.

    1. Instant Availability of most popular devices including Global brand as well local brand
    2. Run your tests in parallel to reduce your total test time
    3. Integrate with your tool of choice.
    4. Test Native, Mobile Web and Hybrid apps.
    5. Full reporting - instant access to videos, screenshots and all the data for your tests so you can analyse your results quickly
    6. Access all old your test results, screenshots, error details etc
    7. Professional Services and Training - we have people and partners to help you get started with Appium or if you’re already proficient, our experts can help your team become frequent users

m-Intel (Mobile Intelligence Tools)

A stunning tool, m-Intel lets you get data about activation of IMEIs of sold devices and analyzes reports with buyers name, contact, email, contact number and location and finally comes back with a detailed daily/ weekly/ monthly reports for what it thinks you’re looking at.

m-Coverage (Mobile Users Analytical Tools)

m-Coverage tool provides you with complete real time data of device users city-wise and state-wise for business analytics, competitors sales devices analysis. A report has generated by the help of Mobile Carriers. You don’t do hard work for analyzing the data. m-Coverage provides a slick new cloud platform that analyses the contents of data and transform into beautiful charts, graphs and work clouds.

DEPU(Diesel Engine Protection Unit)

DEPU is a microprocessor based product for BTS Genset. It is equipped with intelligent software to warn/raise alarm or even shut down the system, should there be any signs of fuel theft/pilferage/leakage.
It measurements and display of

    1. Engine Lube Oil Pressure
    2. Canopy, Engine and Water temperature
    3. Fuel Level
    4. Generator output Voltages, Current and Frequency.

Apps distributed through URLs


Helps employees link with server database to show / update availability of units as per the booking besides communicating all info about various projects, layouts, plans, messages, comparison, estimates etc. Visit:


Helps sellers check their Orders, Summary, Products, status on a Dashboard. The store owner can upload their product details from mobile phone. Visit:

BolBuddy Survey

Helps a company conduct a survey on mobile. The survey identifies the correct qualifying respondent first and then taken him to a full survey- finally uploading a picture to server of the product he has consumed. Rewards in the form of talk time are sent back on successful completion.

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FinlaceX is a mobile app that allow to browse the property which fit in customer budget. It also provides features, floor plans with price quote.



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Jango helps Doctors, medical staff to use a customized keypad on their phones which helps them communicate with other med-staff Efficiently.



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“Yes to Smoke” is a healthy smoker’s club that gives you the freedom to live the way you want to live and smoke the way you want to smoke. We respect the non-smokers and the rules related to smoking in public but at the same time we understand and accept smoker’s right and freedom to choose. We believe that you know what you are doing and it’s your choice to smoke or quit at any point of time.

Jhatpat Marriage


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This app helps in keeping all the bookings of a service providers at one place. Never lose a contact. Get free from diaries. Everything will be at your finger tips on your phone all the time. Whether its checking about availability on that date, storing an inquiry or checking whats happening this month for you! You can have a look at your bookings in a calendar and use the same to book more! You can cancel a booking as well using your cell. JhatpatMarriage is committed to keep its vendors connected and enabled to handle customers & prospects both.

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